The 2012 harvest will be late and less abundant

FranceAgriMer announces that the 2012 harvest should be less abundant in the French wine areas than last year and it will be late, even though it is difficult to give any forecast because of the unstable weather.

The official organism reports in a communiqué that “The harvest, which is later than in 2011, is usually expected mid-September and can go on until October”, as in Charentes or in the cognac region.

“In terms of quantity, the crop seems to be getting near the average of the last five years”, with 46.7 million hectolitres. It had reached 50.8 million hectolitres last year.

The season has notably been marked by a very severe late winter and a cool wet weather during spring “which has slowed down the vegetative growth of the vines”.

In May and June, rains and storms hindered the flowering, whereas in some areas, notably the Beaujolais, the hail was destructive.