What we do and where we work

The limited liability company Eurosud France SARL is an intermediary for the international trade of food products. It acts as a sales representative and is specialised in all the products derived from grapes and their by-products and also spirits in general.

The role of our company is to work in the Mediterranean countries and mainly with those of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).

It specialises in bulk sales (by tanker lorries, containers and shipping) for the wine producing and alcohol industries. Its main partners and customers are producers, merchants and equipment producers. Eurosud SARL deals with the complete lifecycle of each contract on behalf of its customers (bank, logistics, quality control, quantity, payment, receipts,...).

Now and on in to the future

During the past few years, EUROSUD FRANCE SARL has established itself in the main wine growing European countries (Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal).

Today, Eurosud SARL is a main partner for the purchasing of wines, musts, juices, vinegars and alcohols. The longevity and the good name of Eurosud SARL have been promoted by a serious and professional team.

Its aim in the years to come is to maintain its position on the traditional European markets and to establish itself in the new emerging wine growing countries.

For news about Eurosud France and the wine industry please visit our news page.